Secure Cloud Migration


Still in Co-Lo?

Are you still maintaining your own servers in co-lo somewhere? Do you have a nagging feeling you might be better off migrating your application to the cloud? Is the cloud secure?

4ARMED can help you make these decisions and help you migrate easily and securely to your chosen cloud provider.

We work with the “big three” - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform - but our experience and knowledge isn’t limited to these.

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Infrastructure as code

There’s a credible school of thought that says “there is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer” and, while we completely get this - especially from a security perspective - it’s kinda missing the point.

The “cloud” isn’t just a server hosted somewhere else, it’s about APIs.

Years ago, when you wanted a new server you had to order it, wait several weeks, commission it, install it, then think about doing something with it. Nowadays it’s on demand via APIs. And that means Infrastructure as Code. Combining Infrastructure as Code with configuration management tools like Ansible or Chef is an incredibly potent combination allowing you to fully automate and version control your environments from end-to-end.

This makes it possible to maintain proper development, test, staging and production environments in a repeatable, controllable way and the power of this has been behind some of the biggest, and fastest growing, companies in our recent history.

But, there’s a caveat to this. Migrating to the cloud is not without risk. You need to understand all kinds of things from the day-to-day of where to hold the secrets used to gain access to the environment to shared responsibilities to data location. It’s a minefield potentially and this is where 4ARMED’s experience can pay dividends for your organisation.


Do you need to comply with the PCI DSS and are worried about how cloud migration may affect this? No problem. We have many years experience helping organisations gain PCI DSS compliance on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

How can we help?

We’ve been helping organisations move to the cloud securely for years. We run our own operations from cloud-hosted systems as well.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you too:

  • Write your Infrastructure as Code
  • Migrate to Microservices securely
  • Creation of cloud images for your apps
  • Develop Automation tools
  • Compliance Automation including Inspec
  • Automated and Manual Security Testing
  • Compliance in the cloud


Enhance Resilience

Take full advantage of cloud computing. Don’t just replace physical with virtual, build a repeatable, resilient platform.

Security Baked In

Build automated assurance in from the start and consider regular manual security testing too.

What To Expect


As with our consultancy a typical engagement will start with a requirements gathering exercise. We need to understand what your goals are and the current challenges you are faced with. Once we understand what you need we can pull together suggested work packages and provide our costs and effort for delivering these.

Work Packages

We will put together specific work packages, no matter how small, so everyone knows what’s going to be delivered, how long it will take and what it will cost. No-one likes surprises so we are completely transparent about everything we do. We’ll always be on hand to answer quick questions in the run up to engagements and support you afterwards.


We’ll work however you do. Want us in the office? OK. Want to hang out on Slack with us all day? No problem. Teams? Even the good old telephone and email. All these are fine with us so we can work and collaborate together easily. We are UK-based but work with clients across the globe and are flexible to cover time zones where needed.

Next Steps

Want to discuss your requirements further? Wondering whether Secure Cloud Migration is right for your business? There's an easy way to find out, give us a call or complete this handy contact form to tell us where you're at and we will work with you to find the best solution for you.
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