Providing cyber security solutions to yacht owners and management companies

Your yacht is a place where you should be able to not only entertain in private but conduct your business affairs without additional security risk compared to being on land.

Securing Yacht systems and networks

Modern yachts are more often than not equipped with the same systems and network infrastructure you would find in a bricks and mortar building. The security risks of a traditional business network are therefore present in addition to those unique to your floating office. 4ARMED works with owners and management companies to ensure security is considered throughout the yacht’s IT systems and networks, protecting against external threat from nearby vessels, Internet-based attack or malicious visitors or crew.

Privacy threats

Unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as Drones, have taken the consumer electronics market by storm recently but with massive implications for personal privacy. At 4ARMED we know only too well the risk from drones and can help develop and implement effective detection and mitigation solutions to protect you and your guests.


Vulnerability Scanning

Identify critical vulnerabilities lurking in your yachts’ networks.

Wireless Security Review

How protected are your yacht’s wireless networks? Can guests access owner data?

Drone Mitigation

Ensure the privacy of those on board your super yacht with our drone detection and mitigation services.

Penetration Testing

How confidential is the data held on your yacht or at your management company? Find out what a hacker could access.


How do 4ARMED's services help with your Marine challenges?

Targeted Assurance

Understand the risk present in your yacht's IT systems so you can take positive action to reduce it.

Defend against privacy breaches

Detect and respond to aerial privacy threats from drones with our comprehensive mitigation services.

Cost effective

Engage us directly or through your existing management company.

Take control of your wireless networks

Who's using your wireless, where from and what can they access? Find out with our comprehensive assessment services.

Next Steps

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