Financial Services

Solutions where trust is key

Financial institutions quite literally keep the wheels of business moving. Billions of transactions occur everyday with sensitive payment and personal data traversing networks, systems and applications every second. Everyone from the individual up to the largest corporate enterprise trusts that these transactions will be performed quickly, accurately and confidentially.

Big target, big rewards

It’s therefore no surprise that financial institutions are frequently targeted by cyber criminals, the potential financial rewards make them a clear target. 4ARMED’s founder spent over 15 years working in the financial services sector and the learnings from this permeate through our company today. The challenge is not always budget per se, there are few industries where information security ROI is better understood, the challenge is more about identifying and deploying effective solutions.

Balance this against the regulatory and compliance requirements of the financial services sector and it can be a challenging sector to operate in.

How we help

4ARMED offers a variety of services that assist financial organisations to stay on top of their governance, risk and compliance. Whether you’re a payments start-up or an established multi-national bank, we provide relevant solutions that scale to your needs.

View an overview of our services below or get in touch to discuss what you need in more detail.


Simulated Targeted Attack Services

Advanced security testing replicating advanced threats. Go beyond traditional penetration testing and get the gloves off, just like a determined attacker.

Managed Security Testing

Access to our expert penetration testing team when you need them. Pre-purchase testing days and allocate as required. Respond to internal project pressures without procurement headaches.

PCI DSS Consultancy

Let us help you with your PCI DSS compliance programme. Pragmatic, experienced consultancy with your business goals firmly at the forefront.

Staff Security Awareness Training

Your first and last line of defence against all manner of threats. Improve their understanding of what they’re up against and teach them how to respond.


How do 4ARMED's services help with your challenges?


Gain trust in your processes.


Gain and maintain compliance with standards affecting your organisation, including PCI DSS.


4ARMED is all about improvement over time. We will understand your existing metrics and help you establish new ones to keep things on the up.

Security in a modern world

The threat landscape has never been broader but your customers want and need more innovation and easier ways to use your services. We are a young, agile company perfectly placed to help address security in the modern world.

Next Steps

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