Security Testing Authorisation Form


4ARMED Limited ("4ARMED") require written authorisation to perform security assessments under the terms of the UK Computer Misuse Act 1990.

This form provides legal letter of authority for 4ARMED to conduct the activities required for the agreed engagement.

Engagement Details

Technical Point of Contact

Please provide a technical point of contact for the duration of this assessment.

Target Details

Please specifiy details of the target URL(s) or IP address(es).


Pursuant to granting this authorisation, {{authorisation.company_name}} (Company) declares that:

  • Company owns the systems to be tested and the undersigned has the proper authority to allow 4ARMED to perform the activities.
  • Company has created a full backup of all systems in scope and has verified the ability to restore systems to their pretest state (or warrants that such a backup is not required).
  • Company understands security verification activity necessarily involves techniques for which it is impossible to eliminate all risks.