Staff Security Awareness Training


Your staff are the often the front line and the last line in your cyber security defence. But do they know that? And are they equipped to handle that role?

Attackers frequently target end users in an organisation through phishing and other social engineering attacks in order to gain control of computers on the inside of your corporate firewall.

Even the savviest of users can be fooled by relatively simple tricks so it can be important to understand the risks, know how to spot a potential attack and know how to handle it if you do.

Our security awareness training

This is where our security awareness training comes in. We run informal sessions where we use engaging content that is relevant to your employees in order to demonstrate how attackers work and what the impact of this can be.

We then demonstrate our simple, easy to remember techniques for handling these threats that your staff can use at work and to protect themselves in their personal lives too.

Next Steps

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