Security Tester Vacancy

2014/15 has been awesome so far and we're looking to expand our team with a security tester.

About you

You're probably (ideally) a CREST Registered Tester, you like hacking apps, mobile and infrastructure, you like researching and coding, you are (or want to be) part of community initiatives like BSides and OWASP. You've got opinions and you want to share them but you're also good at listening. Most importantly you are client-focused and want to be part of a small, independent, customer-centric company with big plans and who are growing rapidly.

About us

We are that rapidly growing, small, independent information security company with big plans and a strong focus on doing the right thing for our clients. There's no need to rehash our service listing here, it's on this website if you want to know.

We're based in Northamptonshire but remote working (from the EU) is fine. In return for your awesomeness you get these perks:

  • Competitive salary (based on experience)
  • Bonus/share/performance-related general financial kickback (we get it, we're small, that means you have a bigger impact so if we're doing well, so should you be)
  • Plenty of annual leave allowance
  • Challenging and interesting work™
  • Training and qualification opportunities
  • Community time (we don't mean litter picking - think BSides, OWASP - though we'd allow time out for litter picking FWIW)
  • Research time
  • And more.....
  • That's me!

    That's great! Get in touch with us now. You should probably send us a CV to start with but we're also interested in things like your Github/Bitbucket repo, your blog, your Twitter, etc, if you have them. Email and we'll get back to you.

    A note for recruitment agents

    You have a job to do, we understand that, but no thanks.

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Marc Wickenden

CTO at 4ARMED, you can blame him for our awesome technical skills and business-led solutions. You can tweet him at @marcwickenden.

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