Penetration Testing: Living the dream?

Author Marc Wickenden

Date 12 March 2015

I was asked to deliver a guest lecture to computer security students at DeMontfort University in Leicester about penetration testing. Today I went along and talked for about an hour on the what’s, why’s and how’s of penetration testing, some war stories and finally, how we recommend you go about getting into penetration testing.

For those who are interested, I’ve uploaded the slides to the 4ARMED website. I tend to use fairly simple slides and talk a lot so the slides are probably of limited value however, they might be useful. Particularly the references to additional events and sources of further learning at the end.

A PDF of the slides can be found at

My thanks to all those who attended and Clinton Ingrams for inviting me along. I hope it was useful. Any questions or feedback please let me know.


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Marc Wickenden

Technical Director at 4ARMED, you can blame him for our awesome technical skills and business-led solutions. You can tweet him at @marcwickenden.