Hacking Team Galileo RCS - Video Demonstration

Due to interest in our previous posts analysing Hacking Team's 'Galileo' Remote Control System (RCS) we've recorded a video demonstration of the platform's capability.

The video is now up on our YouTube channel and walks through an operation from start to finish from both an operator and target's perspective.


You can see the power of this tool in both the right (and the wrong) hands. The Galileo RCS provides a formidable tool for law enforcement. The leak of this code means that every threat actor is now able to use this capability, so it's important for network defenders to understand these capabilities before they're used against unsuspecting targets.

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Joe Greenwood

Security Consultant at 4ARMED. Specialising in Adversary Simulation and targeted attacks, I'm a CREST registered Penetration Tester who enjoys taking things apart. I also have experience in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Malware analysis and ICS/SCADA technical assessments.

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