What is Full Stack Security?

If you've spent any time with modern webapp developers you may have come across the term Full Stack Developer. This is someone who has skills across the entire application "stack", meaning the various layers that make up a modern webapp; web server, datastore, app layer, frontend, etc.

In a similar way to the dev, 4ARMED provides subject matter expertise and solutions right across the different layers of your organisation's security defence.

Taking the analogy a step further, as with a webapp, while the basic layers may be similar across different organisations the specifics will not be. This is where our breadth of knowledge and experience of many, many different technologies and approaches comes to bear.

Defence in depth is a term often used in IT security and with good reason. Designing and implementing multiple layers of security controls and then assessing, reviewing and improving those controls is an effective strategy. The devil is in the detail though and this is where having a strong partner to help you can pay dividends.

When we're working with an organisation we evaluate the findings and recommendations from our engagements against their specific threat scenarios and consider their specific "full stack", their layers of defence.

No two companies are the same and generic recommendations rarely help anyone. Taking it to the next level and providing advice tailored to your individual company needs is where 4ARMED excels and where we can truly add value rather than leave you with a headache.

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Marc Wickenden

CTO at 4ARMED, you can blame him for our awesome technical skills and business-led solutions. You can tweet him at @marcwickenden.

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