4ARMED sponsoring Security B-Sides London 2016

Security B-Sides London is a conference that's always been close to my heart. I've been to every event since its launch in 2011 and it has continued to go from strength to strength and hold its own in an increasingly busy infosec conference calendar.

The community focus is what puts it head and shoulders above other conferences in my opinion. The workshops, the rookie track, the talks voted for by attendees, the challenges - I contributed one in 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience - everything is about bringing people together to learn more about information security, both attack and defence. And it is free!

I'm pleased to announce that this year 4ARMED will be Silver Sponsors for the event, which we hope will go some small way towards making this year's event even bigger and better than those before it.

The conference is back at the ILEC Conference Centre in London on June 8th and of course, members of the 4ARMED team including myself will be there.

It's not too late to get involved, you can submit to the Call For Workshops or even design this year's conference logo. Ticket information is coming out soon. For more information head to https://www.securitybsides.org.uk/.

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Marc Wickenden

CTO at 4ARMED, you can blame him for our awesome technical skills and business-led solutions. You can tweet him at @marcwickenden.

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