Drone Mitigation

Protect your aerial perimeter

The Aerial Threat

Drones present a significant threat to traditional physical security controls. It is now easier than ever to purchase a consumer drone and, without any training, fly it expertly through the skies in minutes.

For organisations and individuals this can mean invasion of privacy, bypassing physical perimeters to deliver a payload, such as at prisons, direct threat to humans or more simply as an aerial attack platform to gain proximity to wireless networks (as we detailed in our blog post). Drones are forcing us to rethink many aspects of how we traditionally defend ourselves and our data.

What can be done?

Through a combination of our own research and working with industry partners, 4ARMED understands the approaches that work and the approaches that don’t work when it comes to drone defence. Of course, the first goal is to detect a drone approaching your protected area and, crucially, with enough time to react.

The second goal is mitigation. Something needs to be done about the drone and this is where a lot of current market solutions have traditionally been weak. However, not all and depending on your requirements, your jurisdiction and your budget there are effective methods to deal with drones and we can help identify the best approach for you to take.


Know your airspace

Receive an alert via customisable channels including SMS, whenever a drone enters your protected area.

Disable Drones in flight

Disable or, under some conditions, take control of drones in flight, preventing them from reaching your protected area.

What To Expect

Detection and Mitigation Consultancy

We will work with you to identify the risks you are trying to defend against, explain how our detection and mitigation solutions work and how they could be deployed in your environment.

Fixed and mobile units are available and we will discuss this with you to ascertain the best route to go.

Next Steps

Want to discuss your requirements further? Wondering whether Drone Mitigation is right for your business? There's an easy way to find out, give us a call or complete the contact form below to tell us where you're at and we will work with you to find the best solution for you.