Cyber Essentials


cyber-essentialsCyber security affects all sizes of organisations, including micro and SME businesses. While it is common for small businesses to think no-one is going to hack them unfortunately this is becoming increasingly less true.

Automated attacks against your infrastructure and web applications can be hugely disruptive to your business and increasingly smaller businesses who supply large corporates are being targeted as the weak link in the security chain. The cost and ability to recover from a security breach can have a massive impact on a small business' resources so putting in place some fairly basic security controls up front is a wise investment.

Cyber Essentials

This is where Cyber Essentials fits in. As part of the wider UK government initiative to tackle UK cyber crime, in conjunction with CREST the Cyber Essentials scheme was developed to assist small businesses put in place basic but effective security controls.

From the 1st October 2014, the UK government will require certification to Cyber Essentials for all suppliers bidding for contracts which handle certain sensitive data so, depending on your business you may have to consider Cyber Essentials.

How we can help

4ARMED is a Cyber Essentials Certifying Body which means we can assess and certify your organisation to both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We've also been through the process ourselves which means we can provide real world advice on implementing and managing the controls required.

Next steps

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