Our Values

Our company values are very straightforward but very important to us.

When you're thinking about working with an organisation to help with your information security, we think it's important to choose a company like ours who are open, honest and value trust.

No nonsense

  • Listen hard
  • Communicate clearly
  • KISS

Do the right thing

  • Offer advice
  • Don’t oversell or overstate (stick to the facts, no FUD)
  • Understand that different businesses have different goals and risk tolerance
  • Always empathise and consider others’ challenges

Be part of the solution

  • Share opinions early
  • Speak up constructively
  • See a problem? Try and fix it or tell someone you think can

Have fun

  • Enjoy the journey
  • Take time to develop yourself, not just in IT security but in your personal goals

Give back

  • We are the product of our staff and our success and reward should be shared.
  • Community is an increasingly rare thing these days. Offer support readily.


4ARMED Company Values